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How To Get An Animation Internship

Nicole Rola is a Production Assistant at DreamWorks Animation. Prior to her animation career, she attended Woodbury University in Burbank, where she got a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Animation. As a college student, Nicole landed a couple of awesome internships in the animation industry. Find out more about Nicole's story, how she got these animation internships as a college student, and how to set your application apart from the rest. 

Nickelodeon's Dora and Friends Into the city crew

The type of jobs in Animation

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What It's like to work with Nickelodeon, DreamWorks & Walt Disney Animation

Since graduating from Chapman University with a degree in Public Relations & Advertising, Garrett Prince has worked at three major animation studios which includes Walt Disney AnimationNickelodeon, and DreamWorks Animation Studios.  Starting off as an intern at Nickelodeon Animation Studios in the Writing Fellowship department, Garrett Prince quickly transitioned into the the world of animation and has steadily climbed the production ladder.